nui-alumni-northrop universityThe NUI Alumni Council (N.U.I.A.C.) is made up of a select group of alumnus who work in partnership with the NUI Alumni Community. We work to inspire Northrop University pride and strengthen the bond that former alumnus have with the university, their class and the entire alumni family. As a member of the N.U.I.A.C., you’ll make new friends, plan exciting events and programs for your peers, develop as a leader and gain exclusive access to NUI alumni.

The N.U.I.A.C. works on behalf of the NUI Alumni Association to help NUI graduates build lifelong intellectual and emotional connections with the university. We provide professional, social and service opportunities to all Northrop University alumni. The N.U.I.A.C. is made up of alumni from all class years and we have one major thing in common—we love NUI (and we want to share that love)! 

The N.U.I.A.C. supports NUI Alumni Association programs and events that build class community, connect alumnus and alumni, and foster goodwill towards NUI.


Class of 1982

Class of 1982

Being a member of the N.U.I.A.C. provides unique opportunities to get to know other alumnus, plan events for our community, develop your professional network, connect with alumni, get free food and swag—need we go on? Recruitment is done once a year for current alumnus and every five years for community group advisers. Candidates apply in writing and applications are reviewed by the N.U.I.A.C. A limited number of candidates are invited to be interviewed by a group adviser. All active members remain in the N.U.I.A.C. for as long as they are willing to participate with the community.

What makes a good N.U.I.A.C. member? We are energetic, outgoing, ambitious alumnus who love NUI and want to promote pride and community through our events and programs. We are dedicated to the N.U.I.A.C. and exhibit good teamwork and follow-through on assigned programs and events. We attend all annual community meetings and meet with our former alumni for special events.

Interested? Bookmark this page and keep an eye out for emails about recruitment. You can also email the S.A.C. adviser David Hatfield ( for more information on how to apply.